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We welcome new

A whole new force has joined the wonderful hotel on the north coast of Lolland, and thus begins a new chapter in the hotel's more than 300-year history.

We believe that Bandholm Badehotel should be worth travelling to, whether you arrive from Kettinge, Kiel or Copenhagen. And we want to enhance and refine the whole Bandholm experience. We want it to feel as surprising as the surroundings in which the hotel is situated. From the moment we welcome you, to the way we send you on your way.

A visit to Bandholm Badehotel is like meeting a good friend. Pleasant, welcoming and interesting. An atmosphere that all of us at the hotel are together to create every day.

An atmosphere that stays with you long after you've gone home. We look forward to welcoming you back.

Bandholm Badehotel
Lolland is alive

Lolland is alive

We want to show all our visitors that Lolland has so much to offer. Besides being a towel's throw from the Småland Sea and the area's idyllic nature, you also get a unique entrance to the island when you visit Bandholm Badehotel.

With our extensive knowledge of the island's best spots and our strong collaboration with people and venues all over Lolland, we can give you recommendations and experiences like no other. Plus, we make a point of bringing the best of the island into the hotel. Everything from world-class locally produced wine, to produce used by Michelin restaurants across the country, as well as local art and culture.

We hope you'll fall in love with the island as much as we all have.

We look forward to hearing from you

At Bandholm Badehotel, we are here for you. Therefore, you are always welcome to contact reception if you have any questions about a visit to the hotel, or just want to know more.

Bandholm Badehotel