Nordic spa concept

Nordic Spa

At the New Bandholm Badehotel, we have built our brand new Nordic spa concept, where we celebrate nature and our beautiful surroundings.

We have built two wilderness baths with a panoramic view over the open sea, a large sauna barrel, and brought in some of the best local instructors to give you the best experience.

Booking takes place via email to


We meet outside the hotel's main entrance at 09.00 where the instructor welcomes us. We then walk together to Bandholm Badehotel's private beach for 45 minutes of intensive yoga.

The level is adapted to the participants so whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or have never tried it before, you will have a good experience.


250 DKK per person incl. loan of yoga mat.

Sauna fumes

For Sauna fumes we meet in front of the Sauna Barrel at 3:30 PM every Friday & Saturday, where the sauna is already preheated and ready to welcome you. The instructor provides a short introduction, and then it's time to enter the delightful warmth and enjoy the panoramic view over the sea


250 per person.

Wilderness bath

We have to large Wilderness bathlocated overlooking the beautiful sea. There is room for 8 people in each hot tub and you have access for 45 minutes.

The hot tubs can either be booked via email or combined with a Spa stay with accommodation and dinner in Brasserie Alba.


150 DKK per person.

Nordisk Spa koncept