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Brasserie Alba

Opening hours of Brasserie Alba

Brasserie Alba serves delicious menus for lunch and dinner in the Garden Room at the New Bandholm Badehotel with stunning views of the sea.

In the summer season, the Brasserie menu can also be enjoyed on our large terrace overlooking the sea. You can also book a table for the Terrace

See the menus further down the page.

Opening hours:

Lunch: Thursday - Sunday 12.00 - 14.30

Dinner: Monday - Sunday 18.00 - 22.00

Opening hours - Terrace:

Lunch: Thursday - Sunday 12.00 - 14.30

Dinner: Monday - Sunday 18.00 - 22.00

Menus of Brasserie Alba


(We recommend 2-3 per person)

Anise herring with tomato mayo, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and cress 75 kr.

Chervil and ramson herring with chervil cream, mizuna, and Fejø apples 75 kr.

Fish fillet with mayo or remoulade 105 kr. Purchasing shrimp as an addition 30 kr.)

Salted salmon with parsley cream, fresh radish, cucumber, and dill 135 kr.

Tartare with ramson mayo, fresh Jerusalem artichokes, dried gruyère, and egg yolk 105 kr.

Ham with salad greens, onions, cress, and gravy 75 kr.


V* Salad tossed in herb vinaigrette with parsley purée, fresh radishes, and cucumber 65 kr.

V* Sautéed cabbage shoots and cauliflower puree, tarragon mix, and pickled green tomato5 kr.


Chicken salad with celery, pickled tomato & chicken crackers 65 kr.

Shrimp salad with deep-fried egg and cress 95 kr.


Parisian Steak with pickles, onions, capers, horseradish, beetroot, and egg yolk 125 kr.

Omelette with bacon, beets, and salad 125 kr.

Moules Frites 165 kr.



Green salad 45 kr.

Fries with Bandholm Spice and mayo  45 kr.



3 kinds of cheese with crispbread & compote 95 kr.

The cake of the day 45 kr.

Prices include VAT and service

4 servings – chosen by everyone at the table

The menu consists of 4 servings selected by the kitchen 495 kr. pr. person



Crumpet with vendace roe, crème fraîche, chives, and shallots 35 kr.

Tartare with parmesan and ramson mayo 35 kr.

Croquette with chicken and aged cheese 35 kr.



Home-cured salmon with parsley cream, radishes, mussel sauce, and dill oil 119 kr.

Tartare with pine nuts, ramson mayo, pickled cucumber, and puffed potato 125 kr.

V* Sautéed cabbage shoots with cauliflower puree, pumpkin seeds, and herb oil 95 kr.

V* Mushroom toast with parmesan on sourdough bread 115 kr.


MAIN COURSES - all served with potato on the side 

Wrapped cod with fish broth, separated with browned butter and pine nuts 135 kr.

Confit Dalbakkegaard chicken thighs with baby carrots, fried kale, and chicken sauce 165 kr.

V* Slow-roasted white cabbage with fermented asparagus sauce and pickled rose hips 115 kr.



Steak Béarnaise with French fries 295 kr.

Today's fresh flatfish, pan-seared and served with new baby potatoes and brown butter sauce 225 kr. 

Moulet Frites with French Fries 195 kr.



Fries with Bandholm spice and mayo 45 kr.

Salat 45 kr.



Blondie with salted caramel, pear sorbet, and lemon verbena 75 kr.

Vanilla ice cream, rhubarb compote, and caramel cookie 75 kr.



3 types of cheese with crispbread and seasonal compote 125 kr.



Madeleines and French nougat 45 kr.



Chicken with French Fries 105 kr.

Fish ‘n’ chips 105 kr.